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Welcome to Alycidon Rail, the website of Roger Ford, Industry & Technology Editor of Modern Railways and Founding Editor of Rail Business Intelligence. This website includes a number of resources linked to Roger's long running influential column Informed Sources and his other work for Modern Railways.




This contains Informed Sources columns, currently back to January 2000, indexed by date and topic. Coverage will be extended further into the past as time on current site activities permits. Also in the archive is a selection of Roger Ford's feature articles for Modern Railways plus Railtalks – the magazine's Editorial – which he has drafted.



Graphs and charts which have appeared in Informed Sources or been used in Roger's presentations to conferences and professional institutions are available on-line. They range from a bar chart analysing the cost of multiple units ordered since 1986 to an exclusive detailed timetable of the current Periodic Review of track access charges. These graphics can be downloaded freely, although an acknowledgment would be appreciated if they are used in presentations, articles or research papers.



A popular section of Alycidon Rail is TRAC – the Topical Railway Acronym Converter . Railway jargon has always relied on acronyms and abbreviations and the privatised railway has added many more. Most published lists of acronyms either concentrate on the steam age railway or, in today's fast developing industry, are out of date as soon as they are on the printed page.

TRAC deals with acronyms for the modern railway and is updated as soon as new TLAs (that's Three Letter Acronyms) come into use. We hope it will earn its own place in your Favourites list. Contributions are always welcome and suitably acknowledged.



Latest addition to Alycidon Rail is Stuff. This experimental section is meant to provide somewhere to make available material which doesn't fit into archive. The most important, and, hopefully the most useful, section is Professional Stuff which contains working documents of current interest to Informed Sources readers such as OJEU Notices and press statements. There will also be some Personal Stuff and, if something is sufficiently amusing to be shared, Funny Stuff.



Through Alycidon Rail you can register to receive a monthly e-mail from Roger Ford previewing the next Informed Sources, with updates of any developments since the column closed for press plus ‘Roger's Ramblings' - a note of events and breaking news in the fortnight since the column went to press . Over 400 readers have joined since e-Preview was launched in November 2005. Click here to open the registration form to join them.

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Informed Sources is a personal column which means that over the years it has built up its own in-jokes, accepted prejudices and even some Laws of its own. If you have recently begun reading the column, the Informed Sources Primer will bring you up to speed on the iconic Gerard Fiennes and why the number 507 is so important.

Thank you for visiting Alycidon Rail. We hope you find it informative and useful and will add the site to the Favourites list in your browser.


In case you are wondering about the name, Click here to find why Alycidon . It's a heady mix of sleek race horses and big green locomotives. Meanwhile, if you have any comments on the site, feedback (including newly discovered acronyms) is always welcome by Roger@alycidon.com.







Rapid Update


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Our subscription service which distributes the Informed Sources e-Preview newsletter every month works to a very strict anti-spam code. This means that we can't change your records.
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Having trouble knowing your ITSO from your ROSCO? Then you need TRAC , the Alycidon Rail Topical Rail Acronym Converter. Not only does Roger Ford trawl technical conferences in service of new acronyms and abbreviations, Informed Sources readers are on the case too.
If you find a gap in TRAC 's coverage let us know. All contributions acknowledged – unless it might get you the sack.

Archive - Sorry about the gap

It's been a hectic summer, what with the HLOS and the SoFA to be analysed, and we fell behind with the archive. We how have Informed Sources columns up to date. Columns in archive run two months behind the date of the magazine on the bookstalls. In other words, in November the archive runs up to September.

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Weighty Powerpoint

As an experiment we added a couple of Roger Ford's Powerpoint presentations to the archive and asked for reader feedback. Several of you found them useful, so we have added a presentation Roger gave to a technical conference on train weights.


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